About CerriCo Consulting
About CerriCo Consulting

About Us

CerriCo Consulting is a business-oriented firm that knows the special needs of Small Businesses, the challenges they face since their start-up and often will act as their administrators by imparting advice on many business matters. We are committed to excellence and through our work ethics and high moral values can provide important advice in virtually every aspect of the business process, creating long term relationships with each client.


Since small businesses have great flexibility, given the proper advice they can quickly make the right decisions and implement / execute their plans of action.


We at CerriCo are committed to assisting your Small Business, by providing our Expertise / Experience, establishing and implementing the right Strategies to make your business achieve the financial objectives it deserves.




Al Cerri is the principal and Founder of CerriCo Consulting. He holds a degree in Business Administration.


He has been Advising Small Businesses for over forty years, having acquired extensive knowledge of all phases involved in the Creation, Organization and Management of such entities.


Mr. Cerri is a professional who, through extensive research, investigation and a forward looking mentality always ready to anticipate many of the challenges that lie ahead, has been able to help Small Businesses adapt rapidly to their always constantly changing challenges.


In addition, Mr. Cerri has participated as a speaker in many seminars and workshops focusing on Small Businesses, and he has also published several articles for business publications that focus on this type of organizations.


Finally, Mr. Cerri along with his skilled staff and an outside Network of Strategic Professionals have effectively provided the type of services necessary to meet the Small Businesses’ ever changing needs.




The Firm was established in 1970 in order to assist Local Small Businesses in Orange County, California with all their specific business needs. We have achieved this goal by ourselves and in conjunction with a network of Strategic Professionals.


During these past years, we have overseen the formation and establishment of many Small Businesses in the area and by concentrating in the local market, CerriCo has been able to create and maintain many business and personal relationships.


Ever since its creation, CerriCo has distinguished itself by offering Personalized Advice to Small Business, providing a Variety of Services for an Affordable Flat Rate Fee, this eliminating each entrepreneur's worry about the Additional Costs that are normally associated with the maintenance of their books. Due to the diversity of needs each Small Business has, we can Custom Make a Plan of Action for them and oversee its execution.